Tattoo Removal

The Finery | Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal and fading for full removal and coverup tattoos at Unkindness Art

Unkindness Art has partnered with The Finery to provide state of the art laser tattoo removal right here in RVA. The Finery has earned a place as one of the leading tattoo removal companies in the country by providing state of the art technology, industry-leading experience and exceptional customer service.

Tattoo Removal for Coverup Tattoos 

If you are interested in getting a coverup tattoo at Unkindness, your artist may suggest getting a laser tattoo removal session or two to lighten the existing tattoo. Most clients find that when considering a coverup, more negative space, fewer angles and less saturated colors help the artist to fully realize the new tattoo design.

Tattoo Removal Consultation

The first step in fading or removing your tattoo is to set up a time to speak with your artist and a laser tech at Unkindness. You can do so by calling The Finery at 857-284-4800 or you can submit a photo for an  Online Evaluation